Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 2 of Camping . . .

Today we fished. and fished. and fished. And really didn't catch anything. Last night Adam ran down and threw in a line with Shad and they caught a large wide mouth bass, but today despite a lot of lines in the water we were mostly skunked-- Trent did catch one first thing in the morning but after that it was zilch for our family, but we had fun. The kids all learned how to cast and bait their hooks -- with LIVE minnows no less. I was surprised that even the girls would pick up their minnow and thread the hook through its upper lip and then back through the head between the eyes so that you didn't kill your bait and it would swim around on your hook in the water.

adamfishing photo adamfishing_zps4699a44c.jpg

jamiefishing photo jamiefishing_zpsd3fd89ec.jpg

Little Owen sure tried hard to fish too, but mostly it just tired him out. I found Owen and Trent napping in the shelter later that afternoon.

DSC_8819 photo DSC_8819_zps0fca2151.jpg

I even had to go out and get 200 more bait minnows!

What's that, Julianne??  Why it's 200 live minnows. #thingsineverthoughtidbuy

We roasted hot dogs, made s'mores, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

DSC_8820 photo DSC_8820_zpsb6019d2c.jpg

DSC_8821 photo DSC_8821_zps217f6fbf.jpg

DSC_8822 photo DSC_8822_zpsd39b6470.jpg

DSC_8824 photo DSC_8824_zps3ca65d87.jpg

DSC_8831 photo DSC_8831_zps3a3e8074.jpg

DSC_8834 photo DSC_8834_zps3ac242c9.jpg

DSC_8837 photo DSC_8837_zps725b63f2.jpg

DSC_8838 photo DSC_8838_zpsbf8450b3.jpg

DSC_8840 photo DSC_8840_zps214e0c73.jpg

These were what the cute shelters looked like.

DSC_8841 photo DSC_8841_zps26169cbe.jpg

DSC_8842 photo DSC_8842_zps6ae6af29.jpg

Once again we all gathered to look for the comet.

DSC_8845 photo DSC_8845_zpsdd43bc99.jpg

DSC_8847 photo DSC_8847_zps615c51cd.jpg

We never saw it. But we did take some fun silhouette pictures!

DSC_8860 photo DSC_8860_zpsfccb0dd5.jpg

That is my sister Carrie.

DSC_8865 photo DSC_8865_zpsdd19a3ac.jpg

Carrie and Owen

DSC_8872 photo DSC_8872_zpsf569741e.jpg

Trent and Owen

DSC_8874 photo DSC_8874_zps6d5fd369.jpg

Me and Trent

DSC_8878 photo DSC_8878_zpsf3f18145.jpg


DSC_8889 photo DSC_8889_zps1d761228.jpg

DSC_8891 photo DSC_8891_zps4eebc5b3.jpg

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Twins Squared said...

Love the silhouettes! Mike and I want to check out Lake Livingston sometime. Very pretty there!