Friday, March 22, 2013

Busy Day #2

I decide that everyone can just sleep in this morning or we might not make it through everything. Naturally Owen wakes up at 7:15. Catherine wakes up at 7:37 and comes in to tell us that she thinks we overslept. I explain that I decided to just take everyone to school so that everyone could get all the sleep they need. She considers this and then says, "Mom, is it OK if I just go ahead and get ready super fast and take the bus?" She is dressed, bed made, lunch packed in 12 minutes and she takes the bus to school. Madelyn and Adam slowly get dressed and have breakfast and I take them at 8:20 (only 15 minutes late). Julianne takes the cake. I wake her up finally at 8:45 and she misses athletics but makes it to school for 2nd period at 9:25. Trent is packing for his trip to Salt Lake City. Owen and I get ready for the day. Me, Trent and Owen head to Urban air for an hour before heading to the airport. I run a few errands and arrive home to a message from the nurse that Catherine bumped her head at school and was really teary about it although it did not seem bad. "hmmmmmm, I wonder if she is a little emotional because she got only 6 hours of sleep?????"

Using Catherine's head bump as an excuse, we bailed out of swimming today from 4:45 - 5:30. Not only would we have been in a huge rush, it also would mean going to the High school varsity girls' softball game with wet hair (and it is cold here today -- 45 degrees). So we all get dinner and head to the game bundled up.

Our team won and we all had a good time. We all chilled and watched TV and then called it an early night (well, except for me, since I am up blogging ;)

Me and the kids hanging together at the local high school varsity girls softball game! Also I am coming up with a game plan for tomorrow. Cool and rainy is the forecast. 4 softball games (3 of which I will be coaching or assitant coaching), 1 t-ball game, 3 team photos, 1 opening day parade -- thank goodness we live 1 minute from the ball fields.

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