Friday, March 8, 2013

Madelyn's sick day

Last night Madelyn ate a lot of pizza. Apparently the pizza didn't appreciate her too much. So in the middle of the night, Madelyn threw up (a lot) (of pizza). She never ran a fever or felt bad and then went right back to sleep, but I kept her home just in case and she played all day just like normal. I suggested later in the afternoon that she read Owen a few books (hoping he might fall asleep) but 5 minutes later, Owen walked out of my room and I went in and found Madelyn sound asleep.

DSC_8762 photo DSC_8762_zpsc9dea253.jpg

I love that she is clutching her iphone.

DSC_8763 photo DSC_8763_zps4e14b4d2.jpg

Since we were hanging out at home I had a friend over and we made some more batches of freezer jam. This time raspberry and my personal favorite raspberry peach.

DSC_8764 photo DSC_8764_zpsf8e5e0d6.jpg

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