Friday, March 30, 2012

Flat Stanley

Julianne did not do Flat Stanley.
Catherine did not do Flat Stanley.
Madelyn brought home Flat Stanley today.  She is super excited.  She has BIG plans.  I am just not sure I am up for all those big plans.  (for those of you not knowing what Flat Stanley is -- he is a character in a book they read at school who gets flattened and then goes on all these adventures -- (confession-- I haven't read the book myself) so now she brings home her very own flat Stanley and we are to take him on all our adventures, documenting them with photos and journaling)

Why?  Why do I not like this kind of project?  I like blogs, I like photos, I like my kids . . .  but this kind of things drives me nuts.

I feel like it becomes a competition for who has the coolest spring break.  It doesn't take into account that some of the most fun times in someone's life might be the most plain.

Well, tonight Flat Stanley sat stuffed behind the bread machine.  I needed all the counter space for the egg project (pysanky).  We had another family over and all the kids were decorating eggs (which involves candles, hot wax, and permanent dyes . . . whose idea was this????)  Maybe if Stanley had participated he could have gotten burned instead of one of the kids who spilled the hot wax on his finger-- now that would have been a cool end to flat Stanley!!!

But alas, at the end of the night, Madelyn remembered him.  Out he came to pose by the eggs as if he had done them!!!

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