Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another pinterest project -- on the backs of giants

I really truly love pinterest.  I suppose back in the day homemaking meeting was like pinterest.  A cool new craft would be done in one ward and within a year that craft would circumnavigate the globe bouncing from one homemaking to the next.  Everyone liked to laugh about it, but I always felt it was a fun thing.  I like learning a new thing.  I like acquiring random crafting skills.  I like creating something.  I like decorating my home with my own creations.  I like thinking that making a home is important enough to warrant a meeting dedicated to it.  I like working with my own hands.  I like recognizing that creating a home is an art.  Since the Relief Society has abandoned nearly anything to do with such art (first trying to only enrich our life and now only filling our life with an additional meeting with no name or purpose) pinterest has stepped in and filled the void nicely.

I saw this fan geneaology creator on pinterest and tried it out.  In less than 5 minutes I had a beautiful fan creation of all the family history that other's have done on my behalf.  It goes back 9 generations.  It looks cool.  It was free to make.

I took the pdf to kinko's and opted to print it in black and white (the engineer's print was $4.50 -- the color print would have been $45).  I bought a poster frame at walmart for 8 bucks and hung it on the wall.  I think it looks cool.  I think it looks like I have done a lot of work (I haven't), but others have and I am proud to showcase all of their work (thanks Baba!!!!)  It is really amazing to think of all of my ancestors.  I loved looking at all the names and seeing that 4 of our 5 kids names are actual family names -- something I did not know before!!!!

Thanks pinterest!  Thanks family history researchers!

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