Friday, March 16, 2012

Camping with Grandpa and Tyler

My dad loves to camp. I love to camp. But I'll be honest, we have not done a whole lot of it. It is a LOT of work. So this time I "cheated". We sort of camped.

Since our house is on several acres of wooded wilderness and we see so many animals (deer, raccoons, foxes, etc. . .) and we can have a fire. . . I figured we could just camp in place.

I sent the kids to school (since they had to take their CMT's) and I picked them up around 11:00 when the testing was over.  It was cold outside and overcast with just a little rain falling.

First camping experience was lunch.  Since it was raining we started a fire in our wood burning stove and the kids roasted their ho tdogs right in the front room.

Then we watched National Treasure and played some basketball.  Around 3:00, I had the kids assemble their foil dinners.  (I took foil and lined some Corelle cereal bowls)  We filled them with ground beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, and cream of mushroom soup).  We wrapped the top of the foil over and covered the bowls.  I placed all the bowels on large cookie sheets and placed them in the oven where they baked at 325 degrees for about 2 1/2 hours.

We ate our foil dinners and they were delicious.

Now it was time for dessert so even though it was still cool, the rain had stopped so we started our campfire outside.  We roasted marshmallows, told ghost stories, and sang songs.  It truly felt like camping . . . and then we came in, took showers and slept in our beds!!!

Catherine told the best ghost story -- "It was Friday the 13th and mom was fixing our hair for school when all of a sudden . . . she found LICE!!!!"  The kids all screamed and laughed.

The next best story was one that Grandpa started, "It was a dark stormy night. . ."

Then Tyler continued, "And the captain turned to his servant. . ."

And catherine added, "and yelled, "Smee, Where are my pantyhose??????""

We were all laughing so hard!

It was the best of both worlds! DSC_9706








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