Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adam's breakfast

Adam wakes up hungry . . . not a little hungry . . . EXTREMELY HUNGRY.

Today he had a huge bowl of Cinnamon toast crunch. (Trent doesn't even eat this big of a bowl)

Then I started emptying the dishwasher. I noticed the dishes did not seem clean and it appeared that the soap dispenser did not fully open. There was still a lot of wet soap in it. Just then the phone rang. I got off the phone 2 minutes later and look down at the dishwasher (where Adam is always trying to help) and notice his face is all red. I realize he stuck his hand in the soap and put it in his mouth. I pick him up and try to get the soap out of his mouth and then the throwing up started. He puked and puked and puked . . . and puked and coughed and puked. It was awful. On the plus side I am certain he did not digest any soap. On the flip side I am certain he did not digest any cinnamon toast crunch either.


Sorry for sharing. I don't think he'll try the soap again. He keeps pointing to the dispenser thing and babbling loud, I am sure his gibberish when translated is this. . . "Mom, that soap is disgusting. Don't ever put it in your mouth. Trust me on this cuz I know first hand!"


rangersRus said...

That is so priceless when things like that happen:) The things are children can leanr only by doing! Poor little guy.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

My sister ate dishwasher soap and it burned her mouth and all the way down and then out of her bummy later. I guess it is good that he got it out--i probably would have freaked though! Good thing you are chill!

jimnjennie said...

It's comforting to know someone else's kids eat nonfood items. You can hope he learned his lesson.

Sonia said...

Been there...I had to call the manufacturer on the box of detergent to find out what I needed to do. I wasn't sure if he should vomit or do we flush it out. The box only had directions for skin and eye contact!!! WHAT? I couldn't believe it. Turns out it wasn't really harmful to swallow, but can irritate the skin and eyes. So I gave a bath and lots of water!!! No wonder Aidan loves to play with Adam. They are sooo much alike!!!

Abby said...

That ended way better than when my sis (Sarah) at dish detergent as a baby--heart stopped in the ER and the whole sha-bang! I did catch Cubby licking Purell off his hand the other night and watched for signs of drunkeness the rest of the night. Scary stuff.
Hey, what a blessing he poured such a huge bowl, huh?