Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catherine's 6th Birthday

Catherine was so excited on her birthday morning when she opened the garage and found a brand new bike waiting for her!!! Then it started to rain, and she did not get to ride it to school that day. She has ridden it now several times and she sure can go fast!

Here are her birthday cupcakes. The whole party was tinkerbell themed with the colors green and yellow. As the girls arrived to the party, they got sprinkled with pixie dust (glitter lotion and glitter fingernail polish) so that they wouldn't scare away the fairies. We played Fairy, Fairy, Human (Duck duck goose) and Red Fairy (just like red rover, but I made up this poem. . .
Red Fairy, Red Fairy stop being so scary; Send Catherine right over before things get hairy!

Then we walked to this field by our house that has a lot of trees. I had printed 21 pictures of Tinkerbell and my sister had tied them to the trees. All the girls had so much fun hunting for fairies. They ran and ran and ran. Then we played hide 'n' seek in the fairy forest. The kids all seemed to have a great time.

Did I mention that there were 20 -6 year old girls at the party? That means that there was a lot of screaming and squealing. Little girls are sure cute, but they are noisy!

Opening some of her presents!
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rangersRus said...

Oh my goodness!! 20 girls!! You are BRAVE!!! And you are soo creative- so how much do you cost for party planning? Dante has one coming up in Feb. Any ideas?? :) LOL!