Thursday, January 31, 2008

My running Goal

I set a goal to run 15 times in four weeks. I posted my little goal thingy over there. As you can see, it shows that I have run 11 times so far. . . but that is the problem. I have actually run 13 times. One time I did my run and calibrated my Nike plus. Apparently a calibrating run doesn't count. How dumb is that? And then today I started running and then it started raining. Having just read my friend's blog about ruining her Ipod while running in the rain, I raced to my house and took the ipod off (I also stopped running because it was pouring). When I stopped I had only run .44 miles. I waited at my house until the rain let up a little and then had to run again (because my car and my kids were at my neighbor's house). It is not that far (.3 miles) but I sprinted. So I actually ran .75 miles (not a lot I know, but it is the rain's fault). But my Ipod only sees the .44 and if it is less that .5 miles it does not count as a run.

I am going to reach my goal. I need 2 more runs in 4 days. My Nike plus will not think I have done it. Oh well. All of you in the blogoshpere will know and that is enough for me.

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