Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Face Painting

On Monday, I took the kids to the Children's museum. They really enjoy going. Their favorite activity to do there is the face painting booth. There is a bench and mirrors and a lot of crayola face/hand crayons. Every time we go, the booth is in a slightly different place. Every time we go, I secretly hope we never come upon it. I don't know what it is about face painting but my kids love to go all out with it. I probably should admire their unabashed zeal for life and allow them to enjoy those few precious years where they are not self conscious of appearances, but the problem is that I am self conscious of their appearances. Madelyn loved her final look! She did not even want to bathe that night assuring me that it would not come off on her sheets because it is completely dry. Now the good news is that things do get better as they age. Here is Catherine and she is a cat. She drew whiskers, fur and a nose and mouth. She instantly became a character actor and played the part of cat until I informed her I could not take it any longer. (I was having difficulty understanding the meows)And finally Julianne. She has arrived at self conscious. Notice the only painting adorning her body is a single balloon on her left arm which will be covered by the long sleeve. Congratulations Honey! And the crazy thing about it is that it makes me happy and sad. Happy because I don't cringe when someone looks at her decorations . . . and sad because my little girl is growing up and has a new found awareness of other's opinions of her.


Kristin said...

That is sad! Don't you wish you can keep them young! But I do think it's funny that you can totally see the progression from Madeline to Julianne! Did the paint get on your car? I'll need to know that before we go so I can rush past it or not... who am I kidding, do I really care about my beater of a car!?

rangersRus said...

This post cracks me up!! Usually when we go- it is my kids running away from the coloring booth- because I usually try to mark them up in funny ways!! I love what Madeline has done!!:)