Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Year of a Million Dreams

This post will be quick . . .
  • We are at Disney World. It is fun. Ridemax is awesome. It is crowded. We have done everything and have rarely waited in line -- (seriously -- we have not waited more than 10 minutes for everything and have done it all over and over again.)
  • It poured rain on us yesterday and we got soaked. At least it was 85 degrees. We dried out in an hour.
  • Tomorrow the high is 48. It will be FREEZING
  • Today though, at Disney Hollywood studios Julianne, Catherine, My mom and I were on Tower of Terror when they stopped the ride and came in the elevator and told us we were winners in their year of a million dreams. We won Dream Fastpasses. They were a card (like a credit card) on a lanyard with tabs for each ride. We had fast passes for every show and ride!!!!! Awesome huh!!!!


Kelli said...

Congrates on a million dreams. How fun. Wish we were there. Kelli

rangersRus said...

How exciting is that!!! Glad ya'll are having a blast:) Can't wait to see pictures!

Chris and Sally said...

I just saw a commerical on t.v. about the year of a million dreams and getting amazing fast passes. Why are you so lucky? Your kids must be really cute.