Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Death of a phone

I have often thought that phones just aren't made to last. It seems that I buy a phone and within a couple of years the buttons stop responding no matter how hard you push, or the sound starts to fade, or the caller ID stops working. Phones today are disposable commodities. Do you remember when most people would rent their phone from the phone company because they were so expensive that most people couldn't afford to buy it. Those phones lasted forever.
Just the other day, my Mom commented that the Eccles family still had their old rotary phone and that it worked just fine. AMAZING isn't it. My guess is that their phone is 35-40 years old. There is not a chance that any of my current phones will still be around in 35 years.
Of course my phones don't always just die. Sometimes they are murdered. In fact, in this case, my phone was drowned. Adam did it. I don't think this means he will cause any harm to any other person in his life, but let this be a warning to all other phones out there. Please consider Adam armed and dangerous. Above all avoid being in a room with Adam alone -- Especially dangerous in bathrooms.


Kelli said...

you crack me up!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Ha ha ha I have been in the ECCLES home and they have made alot of things last_ I WISH I was that resourceful! LoVE it!~