Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some tips for the cousins

The cousins are coming! My kids are so excited. They have been planning and plotting and getting everything ready. To me it seemed like a much ado about nothing. What do they have to do to get ready? What are they scheming? Well, then I found some of their notes. I had to laugh.  I'm still not sure exactly what they are planning, but it does sound very, very intriguing.

 I have transcribed it all here :

Notes To : HAILEY


  • Remember, Ty & Grandpa will be sleeping in Adam's room with Zach and Adam
  • If in danger do not shout! It will echo and Zach can track you down
  • Best hiding spot? Dad's garage
  • My Dad's garage is awesome cause no one goes in there and there are two ways to enter or exit -- the garage door and the door to the garage from the laundry room
  • Question -- are you afraid of heights or snakes?  if you are not I have an AWESOME hiding place outside! so let me know.
  • My mom's garage is like my dads except bigger and more obvious
  • Whenever someone opens or closes a door there is a beeping sound that might just blow your cover!!
  • We have blue sunglasses that you must wear at all times
  • the maps and charts are in my closet on the top shelf in the converse shoe box- use the stool if you can't reach it! Luckily Zach or Adam can't reach it.

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