Monday, January 21, 2013

Brazos Bend State Park

About an hour outside of Houston is Brazos Bend State Park. This place is kind of like a beautiful swamp. If you hit it at the right time the whole place is crawling with alligators. We were hoping to see a lot of them today as it was the first warm day in a while, but we only saw a few.

DSC_8599 photo DSC_8599.jpg

I find all the trees there to be so beautiful. They all have Spanish moss hanging on and completely covering them.

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We wheeled Baba out onto the pier. She walked along the pier and got her exercise while we all walked along the trail to the tower on the far side.

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My girl's love having cameras on their iphones. If you follow them on instagram you are sure to be in for a surprise all the time from them!

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I took this photo hoping that through all the branches you could see the snake. Can you spot it? Here is the same image zoomed in on the snake!

DSC_8614-2 photo DSC_8614-2.jpg

DSC_8615 photo DSC_8615.jpg

This was the biggest alligator we saw close to us.

DSC_8616 photo DSC_8616.jpg

My dad is standing next to a sign showing the highest the water level had ever been. It is hard to imagine that this swamp has been a complete lake sometimes.

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DSC_8621 photo DSC_8621.jpg

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There were a lot of turtles out. Usually each log was filled with turtles. So that's why I took a photo of this one -- there is only 1 little turtle on it.

DSC_8624 photo DSC_8624.jpg

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