Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fabulous News!

This morning we had Catherine's eye ultrasound to differentiate if the raised lesions in her left eye iris were caused from a fluid filled cyst (a benign condition) or from a solid filled tumor (a malignant condition).  I have viewed online images of iris cysts ultrasounds for the past two weeks hoping that I might be able to recognize what we would be looking at during the procedure!

This ultrasound is done just like a baby ultrasound.  They have a wand and the put the goopy gel on it and then they tell you to open your eye!  Catherine was really brave and calm through the whole thing. First they looked again at the whole eye.  Here is her eyeball picture.

 photo null-86.jpg

Here is a diagram of what you are seeing.

This just confirmed again that the entire back of her eye was clear and that there were no growths on the retina or near the optic nerve.

Then they switched to the anterior segment ultrasound wand and focused in on her iris. I felt immediately relieved as soon as these little black circles appeared on the screen. I gave Trent an A-OK sign and we waited until the technician said the same thing. Catherine has not 2 but 5 cysts with the 1st and the 5th being larger than the middle three. The first and last ones are the ones that were picked up by her appointment and are not stand alone as they are a part of this cluster of 5 cysts. All five of them were perfectly clear. This is phenomenal news for us. We couldn't be more relieved.

Here is a photo of the ultrasound image showing the 5 cysts.

 photo null-88.jpg

Here is my best drawing on top of it to show you what you are looking at.

The roughly drawn red circles are the cysts and they are all clear (black on the inside). The blue line is the surface of her iris so that you can kind of see how the first one and the fifth one were the ones that the optometrist picked up. We did see many different angles and versions of these cysts and a close up on each one to verify that they were completely clear.


Becky said...

Hooray! We have been praying for you. Miracles are still happening each day for us all. We love you!

Tania said...

So, do they do anything about them then or just let the body deal with them?