Friday, January 11, 2013

Because I really want to learn about eyes . . .

Yesterday (on Catherine's birthday) I took both Catherine and Julianne to get an eye exam to update their prescription and get new contact lenses and new glasses (if their prescription had changed). They both had new prescriptions, got new contacts, and got new glasses.

Catherine however also got something else new in her eye. The doctor noted 2 iris lesions (slightly raised areas on the colored part of her eye). They are wedge shaped and as they were described to me look something like this.


Here is some of the technical letter part. . .


Also her IOP or intraocular pressure was in the normal range.

We really don't know a lot about what any of it means. I have read a lot online in preparation for our next appointment this Wednesday.

Obviously we are kind of a range of emotions. The majority of these things are benign (but they are still something growing in her eye). We are anxious for more information and greater details and will keep everyone updated as we find things out.

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Amber said...

Megan and Brooke (and Dan and I) are saying lots of prayers for Catherine's eye! I'm anxious for Wednesday. Love you.