Sunday, March 6, 2011

When Nana, became Nana

We were the first of Trent's siblings to have a baby. Which means that Nana became "Nana" when Julianne was born. She was there to welcome her into the world almost 11 years ago.

I apparently don't have any digital photos of when Catherine was born, but Nana was there too! She even had to extend her trip because Catherine came 2 weeks late!

Here is Nana with Catherine.

Of course she made it when Madelyn was born!

And Adam!

And last but not least, Owen!

We sure love all her support and help with each baby! She always brings new fun activities for the kids (this time it is a new game called farkle!).

1 comment:

Shell said...

So fun that you have visitors! I love it when family comes, it's the best. So funny that she brought Farkle...We love that game in my family! Woo hoo!