Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun Saturday

Today was a fun day with our company. We got up early and Trent and Melissa and the girls headed up to the church to clean the building with some other families in our ward. It was our assigned Saturday. While they were there, Nana and I and the little boys got the house in order. We all celebrated with Dunkin Donuts. Julianne made everyone lunch and then we all went to see Never say never, the Justin Bieber movie. Then we went to Barnes and noble where the kids got to spend a few gift cards they had -- as they wanted to buy many MANY more books than their gift cards could afford we then went to the library to get some more books.
Then we walked to Cherry Street East, a small little restaurant in our town. I entered a contest on facebook and won a $100 gift certificate to them just this week!

We came home and played Farkle, a fun dice game that Nana brought.

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