Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Beach

We live close to the beach. 6 miles or so. Much closer than we did in TX. And yet during winter, I almost forget that it is there. Snow and beach are pretty much mutually exclusive things for me. But, since Melissa had not been to the beach, we decided to go there (and prove that it was close!)

It was pretty brisk out there. I put Owen in a front pack carrier and wrapped him up well to keep the wind out.
Here are Nana and Melissa.
Eventually I turned Owen so he was facing out -- (and I wrapped my scarf around my head)
And the rest of us. . .

We ended the trip by stopping at Trader Joe's and getting some treats. Here is Owen in the cart!
Owen shopping

Then the girls had activity days. It was a tour of the volunteer ambulance corp. The tour guide was not very in tune with 8-11 year old girls. His information was either way over their head or WAY bad advice -- like if you call 911 for a cut on your finger for a staple they will drive there at a priority 3 -- meaning no lights and no sirens. Why didn't he say that you DON'T call 911 for small first aid issues like that???
Ambulance tour

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