Monday, March 21, 2011

Our engagement photo

15 years ago, right around this time of year Trent and I got engaged. (we "unofficially" got engaged around March 21 and "officiallly" got engaged April 5th).

I have been preparing all of my old negatives to send off and be scanned when I came across this image on a Kodak photo cd (in a .pcd file format -- which is not supported at all in today's programs like cs5). So I found a program to convert it to .jpg and discovered it was the original (we had had some edits on it made) so I have re-made the edits and here it is. Memory Lane -- it is so fun. I can hardly wait to get all the rest of my negatives scanned in -- and redo this one (since the conversion from .pcd to .jpg doesn't keep the resolution very high) Technology keeps changing. I wonder how many years will pass before even .jpg is obsolete and I wonder what file format will replace it!


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