Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What they do:

I signed up for a February daily posting forum called "Joy of Love." Every night I get an email with photography tips and a theme to focus my photography on. So here is day 1's theme: What they do.

So from top down and left to right:

On a snow day we play in the snow (check out Catherine's hair-- she had snow all in it and it was just melting) and Adam (who did go out to play, but didn't last as long as the girls) played games on the computer.

Owen smiled and was cute all day, just like he is everyday.

Julianne caught up on her current new favorite TV show "House of Anubis".

We ate homemade tortellini soup at the counter for dinner.

We left all of our snow pants and boots and mittens and hats thrown all along the stairs for some magic cleaning fairy or elf to come along and do our jobs for us.

and Madelyn was the only one who headed back down the stairs to help clean up after being asked only one time (the others required somewhere between 5 and 65 reminders).

That is what we did on our snow day and even though it is the 5th snow day and we are all tired of them. I do love being home all together. Most of the time.

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