Monday, February 21, 2011

One long Monday

Monday, Feb 21st was the first day off as part of our school's week long winter break. For a variety of reasons (but mainly because the kids were completely ignoring me and Trent while using their i-pods) the kids lost all technology privelages. That means no TV, no computer, no i-pods, no netflix, no power cords. They actually had to play together and read books to keep entertained. Here are the girls on the couch "reading their TV shows" (Julianne is reading a Hannah Montana book, Madelyn is reading an iCarly book, and Catherine is reading a Lizzie McGuire book).

What is surprising is how much they all read and play when the technology is gone. (once they quit whining about it and come to terms with the fact that mom is not changing her mind). While they did that I organized clothes and packed. Nothing in the world like packing for warm weather while freezing in cold weather.

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