Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Ready for Valentine's day -- Sunday

Our Sunday was pretty routine. We got up. We got up later than we should have. We ran around getting ready for church. We probably tried to do too much in too little time (like making and burning eggs for breakfast, or thinking I could get my roots colored before showering) -- but we were only 10 minutes late to church. At our church that means you don't have a parking spot (we are running low on parking since our congregation is so large and some spots are filled with snow) and that you sit in the back of the gym (and even set up your own chairs-- since I think our ward is in denial about the size of the congregation and refuses to set up enough chairs.

Once we got there it was nice and enjoyable and our Sunday afternoon was great. The kids all made Valentine's day cupcakes (which are really yummy) and Trent made his cookies (which he makes every Sunday).

The big girls are getting quite talented in their cooking and frosting skills!

Owen was a big helper just watching the show!







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