Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday deja vu

Here are some photos from a week ago today. I was in Houston. I had done the 5K on Saturday, gone to church in the morning with my Mom, and then brought her home early from church because she wasn't feeling so well. Within a little while we determined to call her doctor because of her shortness of breath. He said to bring her into the ER and that was when we discovered that her left lung was 100% collapsed. She had walked a 5K on a collapsed lung!

Have I ever mentioned how amazing my mom is??? She was worried the whole time about how everyone else was holding up on the 5K all while she had a collapsed lung.

She was finally released from the hospital on Wednesday this week and she felt really good for a day and a half. By Friday, she started feeling nauseated, Saturday was much the same, and then here we are today, where just like last Sunday, she called the doctor and he told her to go to the ER.

Last Sunday it was Methodist hospital.

This Sunday it is M.D. Anderson.

Last Sunday it was a collapsed lung.

This Sunday it is a partial small bowel obstruction.

Last Sunday, she had a tube in her nose giving her oxygen. (she really hated the tube because it tugged on her ears)

This Sunday she is getting an NG tube (which means nasal gastric) -- I just hope it doesn't have to go behind her ears (as if going in your nose down to your stomach isn't bad enough!)

Last Sunday, my dad was right at her side.

This Sunday, (and every day for that matter) my dad is right at her side.

Last Sunday I was with her.
Mom settled in room

This Sunday, I am not. I am thinking of her though and hoping she'll be feeling better soon. Love you mommy!

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Kelli said...

Kyler had a blocked intestions and had to have surgery for it after his transplant. He played 3 on 3 street basketball in a 2 day tourament in Spokane, threw up inbetween and when we got home, went to the hosptial. Had the NG tube for 2 weeks, then surgery because it didnt correct itself. I so feel for your mom! and we love and pray for her every day