Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Today lived up to its reputation. I tried to see if I could (in hindsight) list 13 things that went wrong today.

1. While combing Madelyn's hair, I discovered LICE.
2. Freaking out, I checked Catherine's hair -- yep, LICE.
3. Treating Lice
4. Combing out nits.
5. Combing some more.
6. Combing even more.
7. Another round of combing.
8. Did I mention all the laundry?
9. Combing and laundry from 8:10 am until 1:00 pm -- at which point we took a 15 minute break for lunch and then got right back at combing again.
10. Finally, got an all clear -- found no more nits. (but my back hurt)
11. Fixed their hair and headed to soccer practice -- Catherine's at 4:45 (where I am the coach) and Julianne's at 5:30. I brought pizza for dinner and we ate in the car.
12. During soccer the kids had all the lights on in the car while they ate and when it came time to hurry up and head over to the talent show where Catherine was set to perform -- the CAR DID NOT START.
13. Found someone to jump the van, made it to the talent show. Got home, did laundry until 2 am.

Here are some pictures of the day.

Catherine and Anna in costume!


Just Catherine


And here is the video of their talent -- dancing to "U can't touch this"

Sometime between the strings recital from last night and the talent show tonight, Owen learned to clap. Here he is displaying his new skill.

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