Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something is growing

Our yard. The grass is starting to grow, the leaves are starting to grow, and it looks so soft and nice. . .
but don't be fooled . . . lurking under all that nice grass are the leftover acorns that are now growing

We must have collected 45 million of them last fall -- but apparently we left behind at least 25 million more and now they are all sprouting. There is no barefoot running in our yard -- it sort of feels like you are running on marbles. Today the weather was so nice that we all just sat outside for a while and you just sort of start picking up acorns. You really have to tug on them to get the whole root and the hard round part of the acorn. Within just a short time we had filled an entire wheelbarrow. I wish I could say we made even a dent, but I think we filled the wheelbarrow in less than 10 square feet!

The other thing growing is Owen's hair. We are all so curious what color it is going to end up. Right now it is a lot like Madelyn's was -- very strawberry blonde. What do you think???


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