Monday, May 23, 2011

I was just kidding about "the new normal"

but my Mom didn't get the message.  For the 3rd Sunday in a row she got to go to the ER. 

Let me Recap -- Mother's day- May 8 -- Lung Collapse (in on Sunday out on Wednesday)
May 15 -- Bowel obstruction (in on Sunday out on Friday)
May 22 -- Bowel obstruction again (in on Sunday and still there . . .  and will be there until her surgery May 31st and for a while after for recovery)

It really is the new normal.  Which is why it is good that card games travel well!

This was taken Sunday night.  My mom has 2 sisters there now taking good care of everything! (Penny and Tami).

It has been a long 3 weeks.  It seems like we have had nothing but bad news.  She was disqualified from a drug study because she was given the wrong kind of IV antibiotics, she is nauseated and bloated all the time, she has a bowel obstruction and can't eat, her cancer numbers are rising, she can't start any chemo until the bowels are working, the reason the bowels aren't working is because the cancer tumors are growing, and so on. 

She has been in a perfect catch 22.  The tumors are obstructing her bowels so she can't have chemo.  The chemo is the only thing to shrink the tumors.  It is enough to drive you crazy. 

But tonight her doctor came in with a new surgical alternative.  They will remove and reattach the obstructed section of her small intestine.  She can then recover from the surgery and then find a new clinical trial to start on for chemo.  For most patients in her situation, another surgery is not an option because they are so sick, or so old, or so worn down by other health issues, but since my mom is in great health (except for the cancer) then they can do this to help her. 

And so we wait.   It will be a long week leading up to the surgery.  She can't eat anything.  She is on IV nutrition.  She has lots of people who love and support her to help her get through this. 

So many of you ask how I am doing.  I am so grateful for the love and support of my friends and family.  Thanks for the cards and the flowers and the meals and the love!


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Scott and Tobi said...

This has been the hardest trial if my life. I am so glad I will be on a plane and on my way to be with your Mom by Saturday.

Will be thinking of you so far away. Who would have ever guessed when we left three years ago that this could possibly happen!!