Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Chicks and some big Chickens

Today we went to our friend's home to see her baby chicks. We have gone to see her chickens each spring here in CT. (Here is a link to last year)

Today was also the hottest day so far! 80 degrees! I worked in the yard and had to force myself not to turn on the AC. I was reminded of this quote from the witch of blackbird pond.

"All at once Kit was aware that this New England, which had shown her the miracle of autumn and the white wonder of snow, had a new secret in store. This time it was a subtle promise, a tantalizing hint of beauty still withheld, a beckoning to her spirit to follow she knew not where. She had forgotten that summer would come again, that the green would spread over the frozen fields, that the earth would be turned up to the sun and the seed sown, and that the meadows would renew themselves. Was this what strengthened these New Englanders to endure the winter, the knowledge that summer's return would be all the richer for the waiting?"

So enjoy these photos.

Adam swinging on the swing
One of the big girl chickens
my favorite tree in spring
Catherine and the little blue crocus -- which reminds me of bluebonnets!
Madelyn holding Millie (at least I think that was her name!)
Catherine holding the chicken
Closeup of the chicken
Madelyn and a baby chick
Catherine and a baby! -- the chicks are just 6 days old
And Adam -- he was trying so hard to be careful. He was also such a helper today working in the yard. I love that boy!

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