Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Adam and I worked in the yard putting out more grass seed and getting it all ready so that when it started raining (as it was forecast) we would be ready.

It never rained. Instead we had to go out and water it all.

Then we made homemade birdfeeders (directions here). It was a lot of fun and very, very easy. Tomorrow we will hang them all over the tree by the window so that hopefully we can sit inside and watch the birdies feast!
Homemade birdfeeders

After the girls got home from school we all rushed around and got everything done. And I mean EVERYTHING -- all the homework, all the laundry, every room cleaned up, the garbage taken out -- we were done by 5:00 (why can't we do that everyday?????)

Why did we do it? So we could go into town for 31 cent baskin robbins day and 31 cent Joe's Pizza day! How often can you feed a family of 7 dinner and dessert for $4.65????


I even let the kids go back and get seconds of icecream.

Then we went to the library to return books and listen to a visiting author -- Katherine Paterson -- she wrote Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob, have I loved and many other books that I love. It was so nice to hear about her and her writing. (the kids lasted only a few minutes, but thankfully they just headed to the children's room and found books and played on the computers).

Katherine Patterson


Twins Squared said...

With 5 kids how do you find time to do all these cute ideas???

Lillian said...

Jamie, I'm so sad I missed Pizza & Ice Cream day in New Canaan!! Next year, remind me about it so I can be sure to go. I had so much fun last year.