Thursday, September 13, 2007


Google really is amazing. I looked up "how to get the photos off my cell phone and onto my computer" and found step by step instructions. (For those of you wondering . . . the easiest way is to link your phone to your computer through bluetooth . . . Go to your control panel, search for bluetooth, if you have it, you should see the "Bluetooth connection wizard". Click on it and walk step by step through it. At some point you have to enable bluetooth on your phone. (menu, settings, connection, enable) and then Wahlah! if you go to Windows Explorer and click on computer you will see your hard drives and anything external and there will be the phone and the files called audio, picture, text. Open the picture folder and there are your photos and you then copy them and save them to the computer) Amazing that there are no wires or anything!!! And even more amazing is how bad the pictures turned out. So . . .

The Moral of the Story is . . . don't forget your real camera for important events like the first day of Kindergarten for Catherine or the first day of second grade.

P.S. the reason I detailed out how to get the pictures from you phone onto the
computer???? so that I can do it again!!!!!
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Anonymous said...

hello :) i was just reading a few of your posts, and thought i would mention to you that 'whallah' is actually a french word spelled 'voila' and means 'there it is'! there is also 'voici' which means 'here it is' :) just thought it was cute, that's all.

your canuck friend.