Friday, September 28, 2007

A Long Time Ago . . .

This is going to be my first "nostalgic post." Considering that blogging has pretty much replaced my journal efforts and scrapbook efforts, I figure reflecting back on past events is well within the realm of this blog . . . after all it is just what I am thinking about.

I remember checking the mail and getting my roommate assignment at BYU for my freshman year. I was going to be living in David John Hall in Helaman Halls. (At the time, this was the only newly renovated dorm hall anywhere on campus.) I applied for that hall because it had a bathroom between 2 rooms (called a suite) and not a hall bathroom like all the others. Despite all the "fun" stories I had heard about community bathrooms, I liked the idea of having my own. You could brush your teeth anytime and check up on your makeup whenever you wanted! And I liked the idea of "new". John hall was a nice red brick while all the others had awful yellow shutters. So John Hall is where I lived my freshman year. Room D-311. And my roomate's name was Jennie Kate, and she was from Texarkana . . . Arkansas. I remember calling her that summer and all I remember about the conversation is that I was going to bring an iron and she was going to bring the ironing board. (Now, why on earth that was on my list of priorities to discuss before going to college I have no earthly idea . . . but I did bring the iron, and she did bring the ironing board and directly across the hall from our room was the common room fully stocked with 1 or 2 of each!!!!).

We moved in. I moved in first because I was going to New York for the weekend before school started. I remember waiting in my room all by myself, just waiting to see if she would get there before I left. She did. I think we spoke for about 5 minutes and then she and her Mom moved in the stuff, and I left for the weekend.

Now I did have a fun time in New York, but it was a little hard coming back having missed all of freshman orientation. It seemed like everyone already knew everyone and I was a bit behind. So my advice to anyone who cares. . . go to orientation weekend!!!

Really, I don't know how it happened, but we went from being strangers sharing a room to great friends in a very short time. You always wonder how they group everyone, but I think I know why she and I were roommates. We were the only 2 freshman stupid enough to sign up for a 7 am class. Mine was everyday . . . Spanish and hers was just on Fridays . . . American Heritage lab. What were we thinking???? I think we thought that since we had gone to early morning seminary every day for 4 years that 7 am was practically sleeping in. So again, my advice to anyone starting college. . . Don't register for a 7 am class.

I'll write more later. . . it is midnight and I am sleepy.

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jimnjennie said...

You're sure up late for someone who doesn't have a wife who will let you take a nap tomorrow. How did we miss that Adam's birthday was coming up so soon? What a fun post about your freshman room mate. Thanks for introducing us to this new medium.