Thursday, September 27, 2007

Night Owl

Madelyn is a night owl. She loves to stay up late. She always has loved staying up late. From the day she was brought home from the hospital her preferred sleep schedule has been midnight to noon. Unfortunately for her, our family doesn't operate on those hours. If we can keep her awake all day (no naps at all -- even for just 2 minutes), she usually goes to bed by 8:30, but if she has had any sort of extra sleep during the day she feels entitles to stay up all hours of the night. It is not that she couldn't use the sleep, she just is not tired enough to settle down.

I know, I know, we should be tough with her, but see here's the problem. She is just so sweet. She senses when everyone else is asleep and then calmly comes down the stairs and asks if we will just hold her and hug her. She doesn't want to talk to you or interrupt your tv shows. . . she just wants to love you. And we are suckers for it . . . BIG TIME . . . especially her daddy!!!!

This photo is of her working her charm late one night.

And while we are talking about Madelyn, here are a couple of anecdotes.

Yesterday I asked her to put a puzzle away. She grabbed the puzzle and headed off. An hour later I find the puzzle on the bottom of the stairs (moved, but not put away). I said, "Madelyn, go put that puzzle all the way away!" She said, "I can't Mommy, it is giving me a headache." I started laughing and said, "It is not giving you a headache, now go put it away!" She said, "Oh, um, my tummy hurts me."

WHERE Did she learn the headache line?????

Also she has started hiding the fruit snacks. Today I bought 3 boxes at the store and now 1 whole box is empty. I expressed some concern over where they had gone and Catherine told me she saw Madelyn with them. I started searching her room and found them in her bedside table. I guess if she needs a midnight snack, she'll be ready!!!!
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