Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Of course, Guess what, & Just Because

We all have them -- little words or phrases that we slip into our conversations to pass the time while our brain catches up. Some are ummmmmm, uh, well, pues (spanish), eh, mmmmmm, ya know?, so, anyway, etc. . .

Trent right now says, "if you will" a lot. I always answer back with, yes, as a matter of fact I will. (he doesn't always appreciate my help in decluttering his language). I am sure I say things, and I don't realize it (feel free to let me know what I say a lot!). But the winner in our family of these phrases is Catherine.

Every story, statement and thought she expresses begins with "Guess what".
"Guess what Mom, today at school at recess we played tag and guess what?? I was it and guess what??? I chased 2 boys and guess what they hid behind the slide and guess what??? . . . "

Every answer to a question or explanation is filled with "just because."
"Why did you hide the boy's glue? just because it was fun."

But her new one is "of Course".
"Mom, today at lunch I of course sat by a girl who was wearing pink, of course, and of course we talked about princesses and she has a little sister, of course."

Part of me hopes she always talks this way.

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