Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pioneer Woman

I have mentioned this blog to so many people that I think I ought to post about it. I found these 2 blogs while searching for recipes and I was drawn in. I love this woman's sense of humor, photography talent, and writing style. She calls herself "The Pioneer Woman". She keeps 2 blogs. The first is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and it is all about her life on a ranch with her husband and four kids. The second is called The Pioneer Woman cooks and it is her recipes with pictures and pictures and pictures (exactly the kind of recipe I need). Check her out. I have not laughed so loud at so many things in one place for a long time!!!!!

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Carrie said...

I looked at this blog yesterday and said that these recipes are definitely not low fat, to which further down she says and those looking for low fat should look elsewhere. THe food looks delicious!!!