Friday, February 22, 2013

The end of busy season

Trent made it through his first busy season in 4 years. AT&T filed their 10K today. Yeah us!!!!

Today I went and paid court fees and took a 6 hour online defensive driving class so that the ticket won't go on my permanent driving record. It was no fun at all.

The girl's had friends over to spend the night and they enjoyed the hot tub even though it was cold out. I didn't get any pictures taken so here are some from Valentine's day morning.

DSC_8722 photo DSC_8722_zpsa28ed615.jpg

DSC_8723 photo DSC_8723_zpsd8f8b8ec.jpg

DSC_8724 photo DSC_8724_zps9141f78b.jpg

DSC_8725 photo DSC_8725_zpsa129b0ce.jpg

DSC_8726 photo DSC_8726_zps1efdcade.jpg

DSC_8727 photo DSC_8727_zps896cbc57.jpg

DSC_8729 photo DSC_8729_zps5dec3e93.jpg

DSC_8730 photo DSC_8730_zps49529d2b.jpg

1 comment:

Laura Smith said...

I'm jealous your busy season ends so early. Andy goes until the first week of May. Glad you get your hubby back sooner!