Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Brave new world

I am always amazed at how new technology gets adapted to so many more uses than it was initially intended. Facetime is the one where I have come up with so many uses for it. For example in designing our pool there were a few changes I wanted made to the design that were significant but not too big and I didn't have the time to drive to the design center to meet with the designer so I suggested we do it via facetime. We would call eachother and then she would position her phone so that I was viewing her computer screen and then we would talk through the changes. She would extend an area and I would say, "Yes, just a little bit wider" or "No, the other direction." In just a few minutes we would make changes that without facetime would have required her editing, saving it, exporting it, emailing it to me, opening it and then replying whether or not she got it right. Small changes could have taken hours.

So it shouldn't have surprised me to come downstairs and find Catherine on a facetime call doing homework with a friend holding her camera so that her friend could see her work. I watched for a little while from a distance, and they really weren't cheating. They were truly helping eachother through a difficult math problem and looking at each other's work to see where the mistake had been made.

Homework with friends via FaceTime.   "Show me your work." "Ok let me point the camera at the page". #nothowididhomework

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