Monday, February 11, 2013

Doing the Valentine's

It's that time of year for elementary school aged children like Adam and Madelyn. They absolutely love getting ready. Madelyn covered her shoe box in floral duct tape and with a lot of washi tape accents. Madelyn could probably build a house out of duct tape and then decorate the whole thing with washi tape. I didn't even know they had patterened duct tape until a few months ago and I have only recently been turned on to the washi tape fad. (although I really do like washi tape and now can think of lots of ways to use it!).

We melted down old crayons into heart crayon molds, we added a little candy, and cut out some cool heart stickers for the kids to sign their name. It was a fun evening!

Getting ready for Valentines day!  Custom silhouette made red heart stickers. Heart shaped melted crayons. And. . . CANDY!  #notinNewCanaananymore #texansforcavities!

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