Sunday, July 15, 2012

Julianne is growing up

Some days the growing up just seems to happen faster than others. Today was her first day to attend Young Women's in our ward. She went early so that she could rehearse a song with all the girls who went to camp. As soon as we walked in a friend and Young Women's leader asked her how camp was.

 She replied, "it was awesome. I can't wait until next year. I am hoping my mom will let me come back here and go as well as go with my ward in Dallas."

My jaw seriously must have hit the floor.  Who is this girl masquerading as my daughter?  I still remember the teary phone calls each night -- they were after all 3 days ago.

When asked again a little later if she had fun at Girls Camp she said, "It was kind of hard, but definitely worth it."

I guess she has had some time to think about her experience and realize that it has more value than she thought.  Or perhaps she has finally caught up on her sleep deprivation and it has cleared the view of how things really were.

I don't know how she got there, but I am sure glad she did.  She wanted to sing with the Young Women.  She wanted to go to class.  She even got home and wanted to make one of her purses be a scripture bag so she wouldn't forget them (she has NEVER wanted to bring anything but her iphone to church).

So thanks.  Thanks to all the leaders and teachers and camp planners that worked so hard and tirelessly for all the girls, but especially for my girl who almost certainly did not let on that she was enjoying it at the time.

Here is a quick video I recorded of the young women rehearsing their song today.  I must admit, they sounded great! Julianne is on the far right.

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