Monday, June 4, 2012

The Results -- The Pawling Triathlon


I am really pleased with how I did this year at the triathlon. I have learned so much and have gotten in better shape. I still have so much room for improvement, but it is nice to see that I have improved. This picture shows my sister Carrie and I crossing the finish line together! I started a wave ahead of her -- so she is 3 minutes faster than me -- She caught me with about a mile left of the run. It was so fun to run in the rain together and finish the race!

Event                 2011 time  (Female 35-39) I was 35                  2012 time (Female 35-39) I was 36
1/3 mile swim              14:18                                                                         13:28
Transition 1                  3:40                                                                           2:26
12 mile bike ride            1:04:00                                                                      48:06
Transition 2                   1:35                                                                            1:35
5K                               41:05                                                                         37:37

Now a little commentary -- In 2011, I did the swim without having swam a day in the previous year.  This year I went to the pool 8 times between Jan and Jun -- I do think that I could really improve my swim -- my goal for next year is 12:20.  In 2011, my overall swim rank was 258/415 (or 62% -- so the lower half of the competition)  In 2012, my overall swim rank was 214/428 (or 50% -- that is a good improvement!)

I was considerably quicker on my first transition this year (since last year I forgot my bike helmet and had to go back) -- I do think I could practice and get this down -- Additionally I would really love to do the swim without the wet suit (this year it was cold and rainy) maybe next year?  My goal for next year is 1:50.  Interestingly my 2011 rank was 331/415 (80% -- the lower quarter of competitors).  This year 2012 I was 179/428 (42% -- in the upper half of participants -- who knew I could change out of a wetsuit faster than half the group!)

The bike was a major improvement for me.  Last year I did the 12 miles on a mountain bike.  Additionally I did no significant bike riding to prepare.  My time of 1:04 was the last place on the bike 418/418.  While last place is nothing to be proud of -- I had to take it as a personal milestone -- doing it on a mountain bike was unbelievably difficult.  This year I was ranked 373/428 (87% -- still the lowest quartile of participants).  It was the first time (during the race) where I had ridden a road bike.  I struggled to figure out the gear shifting (although by mile 9 I had it down).  I had attended a spin class once a week for 3 months to prepare.  Here is where I hope to really improve-- I would like to get to the upper 50% on this one -- which means a bike time of about 40 minutes -- My goal is 39:00.

My second transition was identical both years 1:35.  2011 put me 217/418 (51.9%) and 2012 was 137/428 (32% -- my highest ranking of the whole race!!!!).  Next year my goal is 1:20.

Lastly the 5K -- 2011 I was ranked 400/418 (96%)  this year was 409/428 (also 96% despite dropping 4 minutes).  Clearly this is the area where I need to really work the most.  My goal next year is 32 minutes.

My overall rank in 2011 was 410 / 418.  (98% -- only 2%-- or 8 people in the competition finished behind me!

This year my overall rank was 371/428  (87% with 13% of the competition finishing behind me -- 57 people).

My age group rank in 2011 was 21/22. (95%)
This year it was 23/28 (82%)

It probably seems silly to compare everything, but it is what I need to see.  It is no easy task for me to find the time to train and prepare.  Surely I could do more, but managing 5 kids, 7 sports teams, homework, 2 kids still at home all day, 3 in school, school musicals, playdates, activity days, coaching (3 teams), serving on the softball board, serving in church, all while my husband works long hours is no small task.  I am doing the best that I can to get back into shape so that someday I can be truly competitive.

My time this year improved 28%.  I am hoping next year for a 23% improvement -- getting me under the 1 hour 30 minute mark (if I meet my goals for each area I will be at 1 hour 26 minute and 10 seconds -- so I have a 3-4 minute margin).  I will have to work hard, but I think I can do it! That time would put me at about the 60% mark -- meaning 60 % of the competitors are still faster than me -- but that is a big improvement over 2012 where 87% of the competitors were faster than me.

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