Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Catherine's humerus adventure. . .

1:10 p.m. -- I am sitting in the home depot parking lot waiting for Heather. She is buying PVC pipe cutters and has run in momentarily.

1:11 p.m. -- My phone rings. (my remarks are highlighted in yellow)
        "Hi Mrs. Handy.  There has been an accident on the playground and Catherine is just leaving in an ambulance to go to the Norwalk hospital ER.  Can you meet the ambulance there?"
         "What happened to Catherine?"
        "She fell off the monkey bars and hurt her shoulder?"
         "Is she unconcsious?"
         "Can you stop the ambulance?"
         "I don't think so.  I think it is just pulling out."
         "Run.  Stop the ambulance.  I DO NOT WANT my daughter taken to the ER.  I will be  
         there in less than 10 minutes."
         "You don't want her to go in the ambulance?"
         "No, please go stop the ambulance if you can."

At this point Heather was back in the car.  We started driving to the school.  In the meantime I called (using my hands free) our pediatrician's office and told them I would be bringing Catherine in for immediate X-Rays following an accident at recess.

We arrived at the school at 1:18 p.m. (I might have driven a little on the fast side.)

Nearly all the administrative staff is outside in the back where the ambulance has pulled right onto the playground.

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I sign a "refusal of care" form and load Catherine in the van.

At 1:20 we arrive at the doctor's office.  Heather drops Catherine and I off and then drives the boys to my house where I have a babysitter (not because of the accident but because I was supposed to go to the hospital to take birth photos for a friend who was being induced.)

Heather arrives back at the doctor's office around 2:00 just when we get these X-Rays back.

the good arm

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the not so good arm
While we can tell that the bone is broken the X-Rays are not detailed enough to determine a treatment.

We are referred to a pediatric orthopedist, given our films and told to rush there. (and not to give Catherine any food or water as she will most likely be having surgery soon).

I drop Heather off at her home (it is on the way) and drive to the Orthopedist's office.  I finally get a hold of Trent who also meets us there (it is right by his work).

They do additional X-rays.

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The orthopedists consult.  The Humerus is completely broken.  The top ball is displaced about 11%.  They advise that when the displacement is less than 25% they opt to not due surgery in children who are still growing and allow the bone time to re-adhere and remodel itself.  Right now surgery and pins are more likely to damage the growth plate.  She is to be on total rest.  No bumping or jostling the shoulder.  No lying down (even to sleep).  No movements.  The only thing to help is a sling as they cannot cast that area.

At 4:20, we leave the orthopedist.  Trent takes Catherine and picks up some pain meds and heads home to relieve the babysitter.  I head to the hospital where I make it in time for my friend's new baby!!!!

It all worked so smoothly and everyone was taken care of.

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Momma Salt said...

Just curious.. Why didn't you want her taken to the ER?