Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Bye Melissa

Tonight I spent the evening at my good friend's home.  Melissa is moving in a few weeks to North Carolina.

I remember first meeting her at East School.  Her daughter Anna and my Catherine are the same age and were fortunate to be in the same class 4 years in a row (really amazing!).  She introduced herself to me, asked where I lived, replied that she lived right by me. (and I took her word for it, because I truly did not know my way around enough to know for sure) and she gave me her business card -- (she has one for being a full time mother!)

Our friendship developed slowly.  She has always been there for me with wise advice and a listening ear.  We ran some together in the early morning.  She tolerated my terrible tennis playing.  And sometimes we could go weeks without seeing eachother -- because that is just how life is with busy kids and busy families.

I'm in denial that July 7th is right around the corner.  Really gonna miss having you just around the corner.





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