Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This blog post is for all of the Dad's in my life. Since you didn't get a card from me-- this will have to do for this year.

 To Trent -- Can you believe 12 years ago you first became a dad? I can't. We are on the roller coaster of parenting together. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is scary, sometimes it is crazy busy, sometimes it is slow and calm (you know -- like right before the big hills), but one thing's for sure it is always moving and the perspective is always changing.


To my Dad -- I always knew I could do anything because if I didn't know how to do it you would teach me-- and you did -- driving, calculus, chemistry, using a drill press, throwing a ball, free throws, but mostly just how to have fun and not take life too seriously.

1976 001
To my Father-in-law -- You have always given Trent and I the best support from day 1 - like taking our engagement pictures (this photo is an outake from that day)! -- Thanks for welcoming me and always being there.

I really knew 3 of our grandpa's and now 2 of them are gone and one of them is battling Alzheimer's.  It is amazing how often I recall things that each of you taught me.



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