Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thankful for the geniuses

I had a busy day. I got all the kids off to school. I took Adam and
Owen with me to the gym checked them into the kids club and ran a 5k
while watching an episode of 24 on my iPhone Netflix app (my favorite
app). Then to Stew leonards for milk and groceries (since we are
having another big storm tomorrow). Then to home depot for some
random stuff. The place was crazy. Then home to shower.

Then to the apple store. Madelyn's iPod touch was freezing. They
looked at it and replaced it. Yeah!!!

Home again and then to the church for activity days. Now we are home
where we will be for a while if the forecast of 24 in of snow holds
true. School is cancelled for tomorrow.


Andrea said...

Busy day! When does your baby nap? I feel like I can't go anywhere for more than 45 min. with my two youngest because my baby girl needs to nap every hour and a half or so. How do you do it?

Andrea said...

I meant, that she only likes to be awake for about an hour and a half.