Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bailey button triplet boots

Julianne was home sick today. By mid afternoon she was feeling much better. She has been needing some new boots for a while but taking all the kids shopping isn't exactly the most fun thing to do. And I just wasn't sure what boots to get her or what size. So we spent the afternoon shopping. Trent and I had been discussing her boot preferences for several weeks trying to decide if we should get them. We both find them to be outrageously expensive. (and not exactly our favorite look either). But she (and every other girl in our town) loves them. So today I compromised. I was willing to pay half. She has to pay the other half. Since she doesn't have the money she has to earn it. My kids don't get an allowance but I do pay them to practice the piano ($1 a day and if they do all 7 days in a week they get a $3 bonus-- so they have the potential for $10 a week and the practice doesn't count if there is any whining involved). She has been slacking off on piano lately (mostly because she has been practicing the flute) but I want her to do both. So this is kind of a win win. She now owes me 9 weeks of piano. The deal is if she didn't practice the day before she can't wear the boots. She already practiced tonight so she can wear them tomorrow. These are tricky situations as a parent. You don't want to spoil your kids, and you don't want them to have to follow every trend. And yet you want them to fit in and actually wear them (and she did need them). I would love to hear how my friends balance needs / wants and brand name must haves with their children. She is one happy girl with her fancy button boots.

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Marci said...

I would too :-)! Ella is just getting old enough to start this. She really wanted Twinkle Toes at the beginning of the school year but we told her no because she was already getting the shoes she really needed (I honestly would have just bought them but Mike is better at this and said no). We told her she could start saving money for them and that if she still wanted them by Christmas they would be a good thing to ask for. She did still want them and Santa brought them, but Santa can't always solve these problems. I like how you handled the boots!