Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice melts

I am a day late on this blog post. Mainly because the highlight of the day kept changing. But this is the real hightlight (or lowlight as the case may be). Yesterday we arrived home from Costco to find water EVERYWHERE. We had about 2 hours before going to a dinner event and we were able to determine that due to heavy ice on the roof some of the snow was melting and pooling on the roof and somehow traveling through the windows in the master bedroom and down into the kitchen and hall. (we had water on the countertops in the cupboards and coming through one of the hallway light fixtures). Trent decided that the quickest fix would be to get rid of the snow that was melting on the roof. So he climbed out on the roof and shoveled snow off it for 2 hours. I mopped up the water inside and it seemed like it worked because the dripping stopped and we had no more water that evening. I wanted to get a picture of him shoveling the roof but it was too dark and would have required me going out on the roof as well. (it didn't seem too smart for even Trent to be out there, so I opted not to go out to get the picture.)

I did make Trent wear a helmut. I figured if he fell off at least he had a ton of snow to cushion his fall and with a helmut on he would be somewhat protected.

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Andrew said...

I would have been right out there with you! Why didn't Jamie insist that I wear a helmet when I climbed up your walls to replace the light bulb?