Thursday, January 27, 2011

I wish I had something other than SNOW to write about

But I don't. Snow, snow, snow. It has consumed us these past 30 days. And to think that on Christmas morning, while my kids opened up snow tubes (from Nana and Grandpa) Trent and I both wondered aloud "maybe this year we won't have snow???"

If we were a ski resort -- we'd be open.
If we were an airport-- we'd be closed.

I have kept loose count of the inches -- we were 56 inches 2 days ago. Yesterday morning we got 6 more and then last night we got 18 inches.

That is a grand total of 80 inches in 30 days.

There is simply no where else to put the snow. We had to fill a wheel barrow and take the snow to other places along the driveway as the piles are so high that it is difficult to throw the snow that high in order to clear the driveway. But the kids have been big helpers. Trent and the girls were outside cleaning up by 7:30 this morning. The snow plow came around 6:30 am (funny thing -- the kids sure struggle to get up and going on school days -- but on snow days they are bounding with energy!)





and here is a video -- my first uploaded HD video

The Snowy Day -- January 27, 2011 from Jamie Handy on Vimeo.


Keri said...

cute pix.
Its never gonna end, huh? :)

Kelli said...

Fed ex it here. Dont use ups they take too long and it will melt by then. I wish I was there with you.

Emi Wi said...

Crazy! On Thursday we went to the zoo because it was 75 degrees here in Oklahoma City. Of course today we had a high of 35 and the high on Wednesday is supposed to be 19 degrees. Although I wouldn't mind a nice dousing of gorgeous snow, I don't envy you your 80 inches. That is a lot of shoveling.