Sunday, December 23, 2007

The tenth post of Christmas

We went to a party last night. Trent and I won the "newlywed game"

Here are our Questions and Answers . . .

Questions asked to jamie

1. What is your favorite family tradition?
(jamie's answer) -- Pizza and a movie (trent's answer) -- "we don't have any traditions!"

2. What is your spouse's favorite Christmas movie?
(jamie's answer) -- Christmas Vacation (trent's answer) -- Christmas vacation

3. What is the most annoying thing about your husbands family at the holidays?
(jamie's answer) -- I love being with his family, but I hate the possessive term his mom uses -- as in "it's MY Christmas this year" (trent's answer) -- when my mom calls it HER christmas

4. What is the worst gift your spouse ever got you?
(jamie's answer) -- nothing (trent's answer)-- Socks

5. True or False "I am better at picking out a gift for my husband than he is picking out a gift for me."
(jamie's answer) -- false (trent's answer) -- false

So for that portion we got 3 right!!!!!

Trent's questions
1. What would you be doing if you weren't here at the Richard's lame party? (that is an exact quote of what York said -- for the record - the party was not lame)
(trent's answer) -- watching BYU football (jamie's answer) -- watching BYU football

2. What is your wife's favorite Christmas song?
(trent's answer) -- anything but Jingle bell Rock (jamie's answer) -- NOT Jingle bell Rock

3. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
(trent's answer) -- Disney trips with Grandparents (jamie's answer) -- Disney trips

4. What do you hate the most about the Christmas season?
(trent's answer) -- Shopping, the crowds (jamie's answer) -- wrapping presents

5. True or False. I am more in touch with what my kids' want for Christmas than my wife.
(trent's answer) -- false (jamie's answer) -- false

Then we got 4 right on his section for 7 correct answers total!!! Yeah!!!!

I guess after 11 1/2 years of marriage we know a few things right -- or we at least know what would be the most likely response the other would say so that we could win.

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