Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The 12th Post of Christmas

Oh what a wonderful Christmas morning we have had. I am posting now before the whole family arrives for our FIRST OFFICIAL Hanis Family Reunion. They are all coming to our house to spend the night. We are having a Rook tournament, Grandpa is taking the grandkids fishing, lots of food, lots of fun, and probably a little crying (with that many little kids around -- things are bound to happen.)

But here are some of the highlights of our Morning.

  • The Tower of Disney. We told the kids we were all going to Disneyworld. We are leaving early Friday morning. They are ecstatic. The tower had gifts for all of them that "apply" to Disney. (3 sets of matching shirts, matching Pj's, matching Fleece jackets, Princess stickers, and autograph books). The autograph books were the best. I used pictures from our last trip to Disneyland and made a small paperback book for each kid using my favorite software, Picaboo. Check out the book by clicking on this link.

  • My big gifts this year were a new Honda Odyssey and a new stroller (the Joovy ultralight caboose.) They are both going to make this Disney world trek much more enjoyable.
  • Another theme this year was camera's. Santa brought Julianne and Catherine their very own digital cameras. They have been documenting the world ever since and I am sure they are close to starting their own blogs. (Jamie also got a new camera and tripod -- nothing fancy-- a sony cybershot)
  • Madelyn got a new bike.
  • Adam got trains, balls, and cars.
  • Trent got a suit, shirts, and ties (because someone has to work to support us!)
  • He and I both got Nike Plus to help us on our new year resolutions. So expect to see our running logs appear on the blog just as soon as we start running!

We feel extremely blessed. Our kids had such a fun morning. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good blog.

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Kathy said...

LOVE my nike plus...I got it last year for Christmas. It is the best. Happy running!
Merry Christmas and enjoy your trip!