Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Greetings

I sent out my Christmas cards today. Yes, I know it is only December 11. I am impressed too. But, I cheated. I emailed them. Yes, it is lame. Yes, I know many, many of you will be sad not to have a "real" one to post on your wall/fridge. But I gotta tell ya. . .

It totally rocks to do it this way.

  1. The ease of mailing. You click send.
  2. The affordability. It is free.
  3. You can send it to everyone (translation -- you don't have to be one of my closest and most personal friends to warrant a card -- I just have to know your email)
  4. The response. Many many of you hit reply and let me know what you are up to. I get a personal note in return.
  5. The fact that I can include 25 photos since I am incapable of narrowing it down to 1.

I am telling you. . . You gotta try it. . . You will never be the same.

And for those of you whose email I don't have, leave a comment and I will send a "personal" one to you. Or you can click on this link and see it for yourself.


Dean,Carrie & Kids said...

I love your blog! It's great.. love the layout and the pictures and you're a great story teller.. I could have been there during everything ;) I've got you added to my blog so I can check it out anytime. Have a great rest of your week!

Marci said...

Such cute pictures of your kids!

beckbot said...

yes, but you miss out on the delightful hours spent handwriting a little message on each card, printing a folding a sort of lame family letter, picking up photos from CVSbuying stamps, and stuffing envelopes!