Thursday, December 20, 2007

The seventh post of Christmas

Well, I am totally out of technological helps so I will have to return you to the saga of my crazy life.

Running at 5 am sucks. I only do it for a few reasons.
  1. to get the exercise out of the way early in the day
  2. I know that my other crazy running partner will be waiting for me.

I have had many early morning running partners. It is quite a bit of a commitment to agree to get up out of bed and do this. There is a certain amount of trust involved. Right now I have been trying out a new running partner and frankly, it is not working out. My regular running partner's husband travels a fair bit and so when he is out of town we cannot go running. So I met another woman through my kid's school and she expressed an interest in running in the morning so I thought I would give it a try.

The very first morning we met it was raining. As a general rule, if it is raining in the morning I get right back in bed, my other running friends know this too. We don't call each other, we don't text each other. We just stay at our own houses and get a day off. But as this was a new running friend, we had not laid down all the rules and I was worried she might actually show up in the freezing rain and think I ditched her. So I got dressed and headed out and sure enough she was there and she wanted to run (WHY????) and so I ran, in the freezing cold rain. It was awful. I have now explained to her that if it is raining, I don't run. Since that day we have attempted to meet several more times. She has never been there again. One day, she must have come early, waited a little while and then headed home. We must have just missed each other. She got home and called my cell phone (the time was 5:22 a.m. -- we meet at 5:15 and she lives a half mile from the meeting point). She did not wait very long.

Now the reason I am writing about this is this morning she and I were supposed to meet. I should tell you that last night was a Christmas party for Trent's work. It was at Churrasco's (yummy, yummy). We had a great time and did not get home until midnight. At which point I had to take the babysitter home. The whole time I was wondering why I agreed to run the next morning. But as I knew she would be diligently waiting, I dragged my still full belly out of bed and got dressed and . . .


So I went all the way to her house. I even knocked on the door.

I don't think this running relationship is going to last.

6 comments: said...

I have the same problem with walking partners. Weather its morning or night walks. Although here in the EVER GREEN STATE. we walk rain or shine. Or we would never walk.

rangersRus said...

That is funny!

Your 9th post should be on how to make those yummy sugar cookies and icing you made for all the primary teachers last year! They were SSOOOO good! said...

how about a blog on the lilypie attachement you have on your right side, with dates of your children. Or is it really easy and I am ..........dumb. Kelli

TexasTwinsTwice said...

wow that would be soooo annoying! it sounds like you've been really patient with her about it!

McKell and John said...

That's hilarious! poor Jaime. You just need your sleep. You're definitely going to have to break up with this new partner. I'm going to try to join your gang once I get rid of this giant baby in my stomach!

Amy said...

I am so sorry! I feel your pain. Jeff should not be traveling as much next year and so we should be good to go.